Forensic Evaluations

Comprehensive and Objective Psychological Assessment

The West Essex Psychology Center offers high quality and thorough evaluations of children, adolescents, and adults involved with child protective services and the court system.

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Therapeutic Services

Evidence-Based Care

Our clinicians integrate best practices and clinical expertise to meet the individual values of each client.

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Quality Care For All

Our experts provide consultation to psychologists, attorneys, courts, government agencies, schools, treatment programs, and law enforcement.

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Forensic Evaluations
Our licensed psychologists are expert forensic evaluators trained in several specialized areas of psychology.
Therapeutic Services
We offer a multitude of therapeutic services to support children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families with mental health and relationship issues.
Our mission is to promote quality services for all through consultation and continuing education.

History of Experience

Expert Forensic Evaluators

The West Essex Psychology Center has been providing expert evaluation and treatment services for over 25 years. We are a group of highly trained and experienced psychologists committed to meeting the needs of our clients. We work collaboratively with individuals, families, state agencies, attorneys, and the legal system to identify areas of need and to develop realistic plans for symptom relief and relationship improvement.

Trauma Informed

Practices are guided by an understanding of the complex impact trauma has on an individual and a family’s functioning.

Culturally Competent

Effective delivery of services to meet the needs of clients from a variety of social and cultural backgrounds.


Services are informed by the latest research and specialty guidelines.

Services Offered

Our practice provides comprehensive evaluations of children and adults, expert witness testimony, and select therapeutic services. We work closely with families, attorneys, government agencies, and the courts to resolve matters of high conflict, mitigate risks to safety, and improve overall psychological functioning and family relationships.

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Custody Evaluations

Child custody experts evaluate families to make recommendations to the court on family matters including parenting time, relocation, and best interest.

Child Protection

Thorough and comprehensive evaluation of allegations of abuse and neglect.

Risk Assessment

Identification of factors that increase the likelihood re-offense and recommendations for mitigating harm.

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)

An evidence-based treatment for young children with behavioral problems.

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